Dumpster Diving is certainly not for germophobes, the faint of heart and high-browed souls who look down on we who brave the cold, heat, rain and snow for unwanted items discarded in dumpsters.  One man's debris is another man's diamond.

We dumpster divers come from various backgrounds: doctors, teachers, home-owners, college students, all sharing
enthusiasm for searching and discovering treasure in dumpsters.  In fact, this site is  run and operated by a dumpster diver who maintains a full time job and owns his home and is financially solvent.  The finances to run this site come from sales of unwanted items found in dumpsters.  The computer, the camera and most of the software were all found in dumpsters.  A website founded by a dumpster diver, made for dumpster divers and enjoyed by dumpster divers.

Whether you dumpster dive for money, for a hobby, to save money on bills, to go green or simply for the joy of dumpster diving, you're always welcome here in the company of like-minded individuals who love what you love--dumpster diving!