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Never Ever Try Getting Into A Compactor!

What is Dumpster Diver's Paradise?
Should I believe all of the Dumpster Diver's Paradise FAQ?
Is dumpster diving legal?
Is dumpster diving safe?
 • What should I do if the police stop me?
 • What should I wear when dumpster diving?
 • Is it OK to make a mess?

A Cozy and Welcoming Home For Dumpster Divers

We at Dumpster Divers Paradise invite all dumpster diving enthusiasts to come to a fun and friendly website designed specifically for and by dumpster divers. Whether you have just started dumpster diving or you are a seasoned pro looking for a nice place to chat with other divers, we welcome you all with open arms, a smile, and an invitation to stay as long as you like without worry of harassment, flaming, or any mean-spiritedness by anyone.

While here, feel free to post pictures of your dumpster discoveries in one of the forums.

Topic forums provide tips, advice, suggestions and funny stories, all centered around dumpster diving. Also, there is a forum for meeting other divers and a great place to find deals, bargains, coupons and much more. So do not be shy, join us here at Dumpster Divers Paradise and start sharing your photos and stories. You will be glad you came.


Should I believe all of the Dumpster Diver's Paradise FAQ?

No, the FAQ are just a good starting point. As with anything, you should always do your own research first.

Regarding tips, suggestions and advice presented on Dumpster Diver's Paradise:

First and foremost you should always do your research: Dumpster Diving can be very dangerous.
If you choose to dumpster dive PLEASE use sound judgment and common sense, for the safety of yourself and others.

It's always best to avoid being seen by others; the simple fact that you are looking in a dumpster is enough to make most people look, then look away (thinking the worst whether they think you are up to no good or not).

If you are under 18, ask your parent(s) or legal guardian for permission; or request they accompany you when you go Dumpster Diving.
You and, only you, are responsible for injuries or illness resulting from unsafe Dumpster Diving activities.
Dumpster Divers Paradise.com, the owner or the site, the administration, or the members is not responsible or liable for any injuries or illnesses resulting from dumpster diving.

Edible products found while dumpster diving should be thoroughly checked for freshness and defects in packaging, including the expiration date.
Contamination must always be considered and it would be reprehensible to offer the products to anyone without first telling them of the origin. Children should never be exposed to food products recovered while dumpster diving.

Think safe and be safe so you can enjoy future Dumpster Diving.

Some very important links,


Pet food,
http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/n ... odrecalls/
Live long and prosper!



Is dumpster diving legal

This is a question that each dumpster diver should research and answer for themselves. For example:

Depends on many circumstances, city or county ordinances and is often legal when not specifically prohibited by law.
You need to look up t
he ordinances in your own city or county and read them.
The site your dumpster is at is clearly Posted No Trespassing.
You were previously caught by security or the Police and told not to do it anymore in that area or city.
The Police wrote a FIR, Field Information Report and noted in it you were told not to trespass and you signed a no trespass order.



Is dumpster diving safe?

Never Ever Try Getting Into A Compactor!

You should always dumpster dive with a pal/partner. If in fact you do get in the dumpster you will need someone watchimg to make sure the trash truck does not come and pick up the dumpster while you are in it. It's also good to have a buddy standing outside the dumpster so you can hand him/her all the goodies you find. If you can't find someone to go with and you insist on going it alone; park your car in front of the dumpster making it impossible for the trash truck to empty you and the trash into his truck.

Think and look before jumping in.

Just jumping in and getting stuck in the leg or the body by a broken glass shard could cause a very serious injury.


Or by the sharp end of this piercing a body part.


Getting cut by one of these thrown in a garbage bag could be quite painful.


Other hazards may be present such as broken pallets or other lumber ends that may have rusty nails sticking out, Medical sharps (used needles= Possible HIV or hepatitis )


Dumpster lids can be blown shut while standing in the dumpster, hitting you on the head or at the least slamming shut making your heart skip a beat.

Some industrial chemicals are so toxic that it just takes a very small amount to be dangerous and could have a major impact on your or your families health. Small amounts of mercury is not good for you. Chemicals, Dangerous dust and or debri such as asbestos, fiberglass, dry cleaning solvents, etc.


Learn more


You could be cut by broken bulbs and/or breathing the dust from the insides of these and other bulbs. The dust from some bulbs contains mercury and is considered hazardous waste.


Learn more


What should I do if the police stop me?

Never Ever Try Getting Into A Compactor!


This info is in no way intended to be legal advice; I'm just sharing life experiences.

Each encounter is unique and since it involves humans and personalities, each outcome may end up differently.

First of all,

A lot of people have a hard time with this, but give the police respect, they own the moment like it or not.

The first few minutes of the encounter are the most stressful for most police officer(s).
They do not know who they are dealing with yet and anxiety will be high.
You need to help them relax by being cooperative, within your rights, and keep a good attitude..

Remember, the Officers are human too. They may have had a bad day (They just got served a divorce notice, the ex is wanting to take the kids, house, cars, Boat, the dog and cat.) you saying or doing the wrong thing may be the last straw.

How you act and what you say usually makes a significant difference on how the interview turns out. Respect and having a good attitude goes a long way to a peaceful ending.

Now is not the time to start a lot of excessive talk. Just listen and do what they say.
If you know you have done something seriously wrong and they got you red handed, you should ask to speak to an attorney before answering any questions.

A good attitude goes a LONG way.

Be polite, Say the words YES or NO clearly.

Keep your hands in plain view. DO NOT make any sudden movements. If you are in a vehicle, keep your hands on the top part of the steering wheel or if a passenger on your lap. Keep still, digging around in the vehicle makes most cops really nervous.

If you smoke, don't light one up right now. Put out any lit cig's.

I hope you still have a good attitude...

Let them know you are unarmed. If you have a small knife, leatherman's tool or other device let them know it and where it's at.
Also any cellphone or other large object they may find if they decide to search you.

If you do have a legal firearm, Let them know right away,They do NOT like surprises like finding a gun and you did not tell them. They more than likely will find it if they search you anyway.

If they ask you for ID, tell them where it's at and ask for permission to reach for it. Hand it to them and if you have a CCW permit that's a good time to give them that too. Most states now have a computer record on file for license to carry anyway but you still need to carry the permit, some states you are not required to say you have a permit, but courtesy goes a long way.

Remember, Good attitude...

You may want to keep all necessary info together such as a spare drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance in a bright orange pouch and keep it overhead in the vehicles sun visor.Thatmakes for a fumble free moment and is less irritating for the officer.

Lawyers may disagree on this one but if the officer asks me what I'm doing, I tell the truth.
Most seasoned police officers are very good lie detectors.

The cop may run your name, date of birth and other info over the radio or data terminal.
Usually after the dispatcher or data terminal comes back saying you are "Code 4" or clear and current and you are not wanted, things start to relax a bit.

Never argue with the officer, remember they own the moment, best to be humble and say little or sorry I did not or don't know.

If the officer says you are trespassing or breaking some law, be apologetic and humble, you did not know, that may get you just a verbal or written warning.


What should I wear?

Never Ever Try Getting Into A Compactor!

Jeans, heavy duty work pants or even coveralls.
Good quality heavy soled shoes.
Avoid bright colored clothing unless you are well known in the area or have permission.
Dark gray seems to blend best into backgrounds and may make you less likely to be noticed.
Leather gloves are good.

maskIf there is a lot of dust in the dumpster, a dust mask N95 rating or better (Unless you have a beard) AND coveralls.

Follow MFG's instructions if you wear one.
Best to try and keep unknown dust or debris away from you. Asbestos, etc is NOT forgiving.

It's a good idea to avoid washing and drying your dumpster clothes with your family's clothing. Wash and dry separately.

Where should I dumpster dive?

Never Ever Try Getting Into A Compactor!

As a new diver, start by mapping out a good route, along with places that sell or make the type of items you would like to find. With the internet this is a very easy task start here then you can print out your route before starting. This is a true dumpster divers tool.With this tool a dumpster diver can take a birds eye view of the places he/she is looking to dive getting a good idea of just where the dumpster is located and whether or not it is a compactor. Just to be sure you did not miss reading this Never Ever Try Getting Into A Compactor!

As for eating food from the dumpster you should do this at you own risk and use good judgment.

If you looking for food you should start with Grocery stores. Go to larger supermarkets and other stores right around closing time. This will help you find perishable food right when it is disposed of, so it will still be fresh.Most stores toss out food that is about to expire.

Many gas stations & fast food places will toss out any left over food just before closing time.


Is it OK to make a mess?

Never Ever Try Getting Into A Compactor!

This is very important and can not be stressed enough.

Dumpster Divers always should clean up after diving a dumpster.

Don't give dumpster diving a bad name!

Don't throw garbage out on the ground. If you do happen to find that some trash has fallen out of the dumpster, pick it up and put it back into the dumpster. While you're at it, pick up any other nearby trash that's on the ground. Leave the area as clean or cleaner than you found it. This will go a long way in helping to keep your dumpsters productive.

Can I make money as a dumpster diver?

Never Ever Try Getting Into A Compactor!

Sure, but it's just like anything in life it all depends on how much time and work you are willing to put into it. The money made from dumpster diving will differ from dumpster diver to dumpster diver all depending on how hard you work at. If you dumpster dive every day of the week the better your chances of finding items to sell or use.

Aluminum cans, copper, iron and other metals can be sold at recycling centers. Prices go up and down; try and hold on to your pile of scrap metal until a good price is being paid. Many items such as fans, and hair dryers and TVs have copper inside the motors.All have power cords which contain copper and to find a town who pays the most per pound could be well worth your time.

Many of the items found can be sold on E-bay, Garage/yard sales or flea markets.

Keep in mind just because an item is broken or does not work, it may still be worth some cash as many people are willing to pay top dollar for an item they need a part from.

If you're looking for food you should start with Grocery stores. Go to larger supermarkets and other stores right around closing time. This will help you find perishable food right when it is disposed of, so it will still be fresh.Most stores toss out food that is about to expire.

Call your local dumpster company and find out when each street in your city gets its trash picked up.

Many a good item can be found on the curb side near the end of the year. It is a great time to do this as many residents will be getttng nice new items for Christmas and tossing out the old items. Another good time of the year is Spring, as many residents will be doing spring cleaning.


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