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Keeping green

You only have to look once at this bike to see the owner is doing their part in keeping green.

Notice the milk crates on each side of the front, along with many reuseable shopping bags.


Picture contributed by The Cat



A lean mean green dumpster diving machine!

The owner of this bike has way too much time on his hands!

This bike has saddle bags, tail pipes and a flatbed with a toolbox.

The front of this bike sports 2 flashlights he uses for head lights.

It has a compass to help him to avoid getting lost.

Oversized mirrors make it easy to see any approaching cars from behind.

It is complete with whitewall tires and 2

American flags.

And, of course, a mud flap.




thumbbike1 thumbbike2 thumbbike3

What a Waste!

This bike was pulled from the dumpster behind it.

Just one example of the many items with life still left in them that end up in our landfills.


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