The Unger Nifty Nabber 36 in. Grabber get it here.


The unger


The item you want


Grabbing the item you want.


Almost got it


Got it without getting in the dumpster


Easy grip handle


Rubber-tipped grippers prevent damage to items plus small magnet to help pick up small metal items.

A mop handle works good also, as you are able to reach farther back into the dumpster. This one was free as it was found in a dumpster.



A good stepladder is a very useful tool.

This item was also found in a dumpster.

It came from a closing shoe store; I found 3 of these in the same dumpster.

Another useful tool, if you don't have a ladder, would be a milk crate.

The Flashlight

When presented the task of picking a flashlight, you will find many types to choose from. Don't let this be an overwhelming task, start with somthing small and cheap.

Picking the right flashlight that fits your needs is important to any dumpster diver.

Most professional dumpster diver's will pick a smaller light that's easy to carry, yet bright with a small beam of light so as not to be noticed at night.

The last thing a dumpster diver wants is to have the dumpster lit up like an airport, so keep it small.


Skill LED flashlight

These flashlighs use AAA batteries and are very good for dumpster diving.


Hands Free LED Headlight

Lots of dumpster divers prefer to be hands free. If you're a hands free diver, this might be just the light you are looking for.


Snap On

A little pricey but Snap On makes a good light.




My Favorite

The Coleman LED flashlight;

uses 3 AAA batteries.

The Glove

If you are diving in the winter months, when snow and ice are present, a good pair of gloves are a must have item.




The latex glove is a very good glove to use when diving for messy items that might have spilled paint or ink or any number of things on them.

Plus they are fun to blow up like a balloon and draw a smiley face on.




Yellow Kitchen Gloves

The yellow kitchen glove is a good glove for messy items as well, and can be used over and over.