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LED Desk Lamps
« on: August 02, 2016, 10:14:53 PM »
Found this in a bin last winter, tag still attached:

Would sometimes light up for a couple of seconds, and then go dark. My first suspicion was that the power supply was collapsing under load. I pierced the cord with a couple of pins and attached my voltmeter's test probes. 11.7 volts even with the lamp dark, power supply is good. I have seen some low voltage lamps where they only ran one wire and used the metal frame of the lamp to complete the  I proceeded to slide a thin knife blade into every connection point/swivel joint in an attempt to restore metal-to-metal contact. No luck. I then pull off the felt covering the base and see this:

Loose wire/cold solder on the switch. I resolder both wires and the lamp now works fine:

Will see how long this multi-LED design lasts...I prefer single emitter lamps and absolutely despise the plastic "shower heads" that usually have a couple dozen LEDs and revert to strobe lights within 50 hours.
This one works, but will never be a desk lamp again:

Damn tossers broke it's neck in two places. I still found a use for the last one I found like that:

Lamp head attached to my shed, has been out in the weather for a couple years, performing flawlessy dusk-to-dawn.