Author Topic: TV Base From A Retail Sign Holder  (Read 282 times)


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TV Base From A Retail Sign Holder
« on: September 17, 2016, 12:40:57 AM »
Had a small flatscreen TV lying around. Came only with a small wall mount bracket, no base to set it on a desk. I picked up a couple of signholders earlier in the year, figured I'd find a use for them. TV is now being used in place of an older non-HDMI monitor I had been using. Basically, I dremeled through the metal sides of the signholder a couple of inches down from the top. I left the back piece intact and used vise grips to collapse the sides I'd cut into the back part of the stand. The small bracket on the TV would now slide over the 2 inch stem at the top of the signholder. TV was pointing slightly skyward. I could have tried bending the top of the signholder forward in a vise, but decided to make things easier on myself. I had part of a brick that I slid under the back of the signholder to tilt it forward. Had the TV not come with the small wall bracket, I could have improvised one from a 4X6 inch piece of sheet metal. 2 holes (one under the other) in the center of the 4X6 to attach it to the signholder. Sides of the metal bent forwards slightly with holes drilled for 4 screws to go into the holes provided in the back of the TV.