Looking for Aluminum Cans

These two older gentlemen hit the dumpster in a South Carolina rest area a few times a week collecting cans.

They were using a technique I like to call "twisting."

You can't see this in the pictures, but the man on the right has a long stick he is poking in the top of the trash bags and twisting the stick around the plastic bags. That way he's not having to climb into the dumpster.





Extra Cash?

When recyling aluminum cans first started to be popular in 1984, it took approximently 22 aluminum cans to make 1pound.

In 2008 one pound of aluminum cans took 32 cans.

Over the years aluminum can manufacturing technology has become more advanced, letting cans be made lighter and just as strong. Manufacturing technology continues to evolve.

Some states now have return centers at larger grocery stores paying as much as .10 each.

Thats $2.20 lb at 1984 prices. At present, in my state, cans range from .60 to .80 per pound.

Here's a thought; you are not just making money but helping the environment! Studies say it saves over 95% of the energy that would have been used to make an aluminum can from raw ore, to recycle old aluminum into new cans.





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