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The Compactor!

This is one of the dumpster divers' worst enemies.

Compactors are inaccessable to the dumpster diver. Even if you were able to gain access; all items inside would be squashed

beyond use!

The biggest of the compactors has a maximum hydraulic pressure of 2500 PSI,

for a total of 96,200 pounds maximum force.

That's more than the average semi-truck weighs!

Never, ever try to get inside one of these bad boys!



The Front

As you can see from the front of the compactor; there is no access!

The top of the compactor is solid as well, again, no access.


The Side View

Looking at the far back, you can see the electric motor which pumps the oil to the hydraulic cylinder and the main power switch.


The Ratchet Binder

The ratchet binder and clamp are what hold the box to the compactor. If not for these Ratchet binders on each side, once the compacting prosess is started, the box would be pushed away from the compactor.

The Chute

Empoyees inside the bulding place items in the chute, the item then falls to the bottom of the chute. Then the worker inside will push or flip a switch turning on the compactor. When it's on, all trash is pushed toward the front of the dumpster. The ram inside will only push the trash to a certain point. When the trash inside starts to accumulate, is when the 96.200 lbs of pressure start to work, pressing and destroying any items inside. Just like a trash compactor in your kitchen, it will keep compacting until full. At this point a call will be made to the trash company for pick up and removal; a driver will bring an empty compactor box out and switch the empty box for the full box.

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